Beyond the Burger

Bored with beef patties? Try these grilling alternatives and get fired up about summer.

Whole fish.

Have your fishmonger debone it, then serve it up stuffed with fresh herbs. Try Thai snapper or wild salmon, a grilling favorite available now through early fall.


Terry Brennan

Specialty sausages.

Spice things up with chorizo, Southwest-style turkey links, or lamb sausages with blueberries and pine nuts.


Terry Brennan

Lesser-known cuts.

Hanger, blade, or skirt steaks offer great flavor, texture, and value. Marinate or dry rub, cut in strips, and serve in fajitas or salads.


Terry Brennan

Blue prawns.

Grill ’em whole, then remove the shell before eating. They’ll be easier to handle if you skewer them head to tail. Marinate to keep moist while grilling.


Terry Brennan

Tuna steaks.

Ahi and bluefin rival tenderloin when it comes to rich flavor and buttery texture. Try making kebabs. Or slice a pocket in the side and stuff with herbs.