Body Shaping

I have a pair of skinny jeans that let me know when I’ve been indulging in too many mini burgers from Café Lurcat. Kim McNair-Lawless says the jeans will slip right on after one body-shaping session with her. I find it hard to believe that anything but diet, exercise, and a pair of Spanx could work this wonder. ¶ Endermology, or “body shaping,” is a noninvasive alternative to face-lifts, liposuction, and tummy tucks. Instead of using knives or tubes, it utilizes light, color, sound, and vibration to stimulate the lymphatic system and eliminate toxic buildup caused by everything from stress to dehydration. The result is a more toned, cellulite-free body.  ¶ Lawless promises I’ll see a difference today, and could expect to drop a size and lose up to 10 pounds with several more sessions. If that’s the case, I ask, why haven’t I heard of this miracle treatment? Lawless explains that although popular in Europe, body shaping isn’t widely offered stateside. Sanctuary is the only provider in Minnesota. ¶ During the treatment, Lawless concentrates on my “challenging” areas. She lightly massages my hips and thighs with a variety of wands that emit neon lights and crackly noises. It’s painless and uneventful, which leads me to wonder whether it’s working. When Lawless rubs a nubby, vibrating attachment on my leg, however, I feel some “good pain”—like during a deep-tissue massage. Lawless explains that this is the lymphatic congestion breaking up. ¶ After shaping one half of my body, Lawless has me compare thighs. My left is noticeably firmer than my right, and there’s less flab to grab. The difference is subtle, but it’s there. And later, my skinny jeans fit better than ever. Maybe I need a new pair.

What: Body Shaping

Sanctuary Salonspa, 1201 Harmon Place, Minneapolis,

50 minutes 

Price: $160