Bon Jovi Announces Opening-Act Winners for Xcel Shows

You could do worse for marketing gimmicks than asking the region’s biggest radio station, KQRS, to hold a contest to pick the opening band for your show. So did Bon Jovi, performing April 7 and 8 at the Xcel Energy Center, do worse?

You decide. The winners are Select Three and Fourforty (what’s with the numbers, guys?). Yeah, I hadn’t heard of them either, but apparently they have their fans—enough to vote them into the biggest gig of their careers so far: Select Three’s gig listing at their MySpace page leaps from Bunker’s and O’Gara’s to the Xcel.

Interestingly, I’d received an email late last week from Kevin Bowe, the guitarist and producer-about-town who’s been working lately with singer-songwriter Alison Scott. KQ had notified Alison that she was a winner; about 30 minutes later, a sheepish KQ rep called to inform her that they’d messed up the math—she’d placed third. Give her site a look and listen, though. For my money (and yes, Bon Jovi tix don’t come cheap), she and Kevin would’ve made a more interesting entree to the Jove’s power-rock.

This just in: Select Three will be on Kare11 tonight, if you’re curious about these lucky so-and-so’s.

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