Bon Jovi to KQ: You Flubbed, Now I Pick

In the ongoing saga of who’s opening for Bon Jovi during his concerts at the Xcel Energy Center this week, Jon Bon Jovi himself has interceded after the contest run by KQRS first indicated that local singer-songwriter Alison Scott was a winner, then called to confirm she hadn’t made the cut. Bon Jovi, noting the news, said otherwise, having his people call KQ’s people, who called Alison’s people to tell her the good news: she, along with Fourforty, would be opening for his band tonight.

Kevin Bowe, Scott’s loquacious accompanist (and Paul Westerberg’s bandmate on recent tours), had this to say: “We didn’t solicit any of this, except for Ali entering us into the contest in the first place, which I never thought would amount to anything. All I know is that I get to use my 100-watt Marshall stack, which I haven’t blasted since the last Paul Westerberg tour, so I’m pretty excited about that part! O.K., off for tanning/mani/pedi/hot-stone massage, and blood change.”

In other news… Bon Jovi rocked the house last night, according to our guest reviewer, Greenspring Media’s marketing manager and resident JBJ groupie, Sara Soli:

Who gives love a bad name? Not Jon. Here’s the down-low (disclaimer: I have loved Bon Jovi since “Slippery When Wet,” when their long-haired mugs hung on my bedroom walls). Unlike certain other critics in town, the fans still appear to love Bon Jovi. The band simply provided an escape for a night, where one could have fun, sing, dance, and lust over JBJ—so frickin’ hot [Editor’s note: This is not an official position of Greenspring Media]. The songs from the new cd are much mellower and more serious than any previous singles, and it seems reflective of the state of the world of their lives at this stage. “We need to start change from the bottom up, not from the top down,” they sing in one of their more political numbers. Overall, though, it’s about dancing your butt off. And who can resist smiling and shaking it when a sold-out crowd is singing along to “Living on a Prayer”?

And there you have it.