Books & Bars: THE HELP

Chime in on Kathryn Stockett’s first novel at Aster Cafe

Books & Bars isn’t your mother’s book club. In place of quaint tea cups and neat finger foods are pints of beer and French fries. Clusters of gossiping middle-aged women are replaced by readers of all ages and vocation looking to dissect that month’s novel. Think of it as your favorite college course, plus friends, taps, and host Jeff Kamin as professor.

This month’s book choice is The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Based on Stockett’s own experiences growing up in Jackson, Mississippi, during the 1960s, The Help has received a healthy amount of criticism as well as praise, resulting in its sustained presence on the New York Times best-seller list and enough opinions to fuel a week-long debate. The story focuses on three women in 1962 Jackson: two black maids, Aibileen and Minny, and a young white woman who goes by the nickname “Skeeter.” Although the three women are as different as can be, they come together over their mutual desire to battle segregation and racism, no matter the cost.

Due to Stockett’s quick-paced, energetic writing style, The Help will suck you in and keep you enthralled all the way through.

Books & Bars: The Help
Tuesday, June 14
6 p.m.
Aster Café, 125 Main St. SE, Mpls., 612-379-3138

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