Bounty Hunt

Your guide to lesser-known, locally grown produce.


Kohlrabi  Eaten raw, the bulb is similar to broccoli stems. When cooked, the bulb tastes like turnip and the greens resemble kale.


Hungarian pepper  With a flavor range from mild to medium-hot,  banana chilies, as they’re also known, may be used fresh, cooked, or stuffed.


Tomatillo  Peel the parchment and you’ll see why they’re called Mexican green tomatoes. Tart, lemony flavors sparkle in fresh salsas or with slow-cooked meats.


Thai eggplant  Also known as Kermit eggplant or bitter ball, these striped beauties may be stir-fried, grilled, cooked tempura-style, or used in curries.


Chinese eggplant  A brief sauté or stir-fry highlights the thin skin and sweet, tender flesh of this delicate nightshade.


Bitter melon  Commonly stuffed with pork or shrimp and steamed (to neutralize its bitterness), this Asian vegetable may also be blanched or salted before stir-frying.

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