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from left to right: Trial Lawyers Andrew pearson,
Michael A. Bryant, associate stacy Lundeen and
Trial Lawyer joe crumley
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Justice for the Injured

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-Young, energetic firm with nearly 100 combined years of legal experience
-Extensive experience negotiating with insurance companies and litigating personal injury and wrongful death claims
-Help injured people and their families secure just and fair compensation
-Protect your rights and advocate for you


your life can dramatically change. You can become seriously injured, you can lose a loved one in a fatal accident, you can find yourself facing criminal charges. And while you can’t go back in time and change the moment your life was turned upside down, you can protect yourself–and your future rights–with the legal representation of Bradshaw & Bryant.

“Legal troubles, whether you are injured or in need of criminal defense, can be devastating for a family emotionally and financially,†says Mike Bryant, a civil trial specialist who has argued across the state. “With this in mind, we strive to find justice for all of our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner.â€

Complex litigation requires a concerted, dedicated, team effort, and Bryant, along with trial attorneys Joe Crumley, Andrew Pearson, and Stacy Lundeen, work to represent and protect clients in both personal injury and criminal cases.

Together the attorneys are passionate about securing just and fair compensation.

As Bryant points out, insurance companies have teams of defense lawyers to help them minimize their compensation, and you need an experienced and effective advocate on your side, too, dedicated solely to protecting your interests.

“Usually mistreatment by the insurance company finally causes a person to come in so they can try to get their bills paid,†he says.

In personal injury cases, the firm is paid a contingent fee, based on results. “You won’t pay us anything without a recovery,†he says. 

Crumley won what was publicized as the largest verdict in Minnesota for a shoulder injury, as well as record ankle injury and motorcycle injury settlements. He also recently testified to the Senate on the I-35W bridge collapse.

Bryant’s expertise is wide-ranging. KSTP recently used him as a source for an investigative piece where Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) claims were being made under federal law; and Crumley–who also teaches law–has been a source in various news articles.   

“We have an experienced staff, we work hard, we listen, we care, and we take the time to truly represent each client,†Bryant says. “We have a history of success.â€

When asked to share legal advice, Bryant answers, “If you’ve been in an accident, don’t sign anything until you have at least talked to a lawyer. Studies show that unrepresented people personally get half of what well-represented people receive.â€

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