Bryant-Lake Bowl

810 Lake St. W. Mpls.


Aunt Dicey Channels Moms Mabley

Nothando Zulu
Nothando Zulu’s alter ego, “Aunt Dicey,” presents comedienne Jackie “Moms”
Mabley’s humor about relationships through the Southern, snuff dipping voice of the feisty senior citizen from Virginia. Created by Nothando Zulu. Ages 18+ Adult language

Axed! (The Rockstars’ Remix)

Rockstar Storytellers
Spoken Word
Heads will roll when Rockstar Storytellers Rik Reppe, Dave Mondy and Courtney McLean interlace three tales of “getting the axe” from the boardroom to the bedroom—mixed live by an onstage DJ! Created by Rockstar Storytellers. Ages 15+ Adult language

Best Friends, Starring Mike

Rashô Men
A comedy performed by one man, inspired by another, and totally derailed by a third. Performed with all the affection that their mutual hatred of one another will allow. Also, choreography! Created by Michael S. Linden. Ages 16+ Adult language

Drinking Stories

Jen Zalar
Solo/Spoken Word
Comedienne Jen Zalar combines stories, jokes, poetry, sketch, improv, magic, song and dance to explore community building in a one-woman variety show of humor and heart that will leave you feeling connected. Created by Jen Zalar. Ages 17+ Adult language

Fearsome Critter

After banjo music leads to a severed finger, a desperate Jack seeks help in splitting from town and his wife guilt free. Will a past friend’s obsession with a dead woman thwart Jack’s shot at deliverance? Written by Greg Carlson. Ages 16+ Violence, Adult language, Loud noise/gunshots

Full Frontal Improv

Swandive Theatre
Your life on the stage!!! Become the star of our show as our cast improvises a hysterical romp through your life’s most embarrassing, most rewarding, most awkward and most triumphant moments. Nudity optional. Created by Swandive Theatre. Ages 18+ Adult language

The Only One Who Knows

Whitney Rhodes
In this two-person original play, audience members take an intimate look at relationships as love and fear go to battle proving that not all love stories have happy endings. Or do they? Written by Whitney Rhodes. Ages 13+

Pathos, Punchlines & Painkillers

The Nanny Bumpkin Presents
Spoken Word/Comedy
From Montreal, Quebec: Long distance relationships, hospital visits, fate, phone sex, and nursery rhymes—Chris Masson treats them all in this rowdy, dynamic, disarming, hilarious blend of performance poetry and storytelling. Created by Chris Masson. Adult language

A People’s History of Love

Mickey Foley
Forget everything you think you know about love. The mainstream media has been lying to you, but, like the truth, this show will set you free. These are the love stories the Man doesn’t want you to know. Written by Mickey Foley. Ages 13+

Visions of Johanna

Pont Media
Two strangers have a romantic encounter. A cancerous lump is discovered. What happens next? Explore the complexities of unexpected relationships and the challenges of a disease with drama, humor and innovation. Written by Cole T. Walsh. Ages 12+

You’re Naked, You’re Crazy, And We’re All Gonna Die

Paul de Cordova
When you step into the unknown it can be scary or exhilarating. Maybe both. When someone follows you in, that’s another story. Let me tell you about the time a beautiful girl took the time to stalk me. Created by Paul de Cordova. Ages 15+ Adult language

Thursday, July 30

5:30 Full Frontal Improv
7:00 Fearsome Critter
8:30 You’re Naked, You’re Crazy…
10:00 The Only One Who Knows

Friday, July 31

5:30 Aunt Dicey…
7:00 Full Frontal Improv
8:30 Best Friends, Starring Mike
10:00 Pathos, Punchlines…

Saturday, August 1

1:00 Aunt Dicey…
2:30 Axed! (Rockstars’ Remix)
4:00 Best Friends, Starring Mike
5:30 Drinking Stories
7:00 Visions of Johanna
8:30 The Only One Who Knows
10:00 A People’s History of Love

Sunday, August 2

1:00 Fearsome Critter
2:30 Best Friends, Starring Mike
4:00 You’re Naked, You’re Crazy…
5:30 Axed! (Rockstars’ Remix)
7:00 Pathos, Punchlines…
8:30 Drinking Stories
10:00 A People’s History of Love

Monday, August 3

5:30 Best Friends, Starring Mike
7:00 The Only One Who Knows
8:30 Full Frontal Improv
10:00 Drinking Stories

Tuesday, August 4

5:30 Visions of Johanna
7:00 Pathos, Punchlines…
8:30 You’re Naked, You’re Crazy…
10:00 Aunt Dicey…

Wednesday, August 5

5:30 Axed! (Rockstars’ Remix)
7:00 Fearsome Critter
8:30 A People’s History of Love
10:00 Visions of Johanna

Thursday, August 6

5:30 Fearsome Critter
7:00 The Only One Who Knows
8:30 Drinking Stories
10:00 Aunt Dicey…





Friday, August 7

4:00 Drinking Stories
5:30 Full Frontal Improv
7:00 Axed! (Rockstars’ Remix)
8:30 Pathos, Punchlines…
10:00 You’re Naked, You’re Crazy…

Saturday, August 8

1:00 The Only One Who Knows
2:30 Pathos, Punchlines…
4:00 Visions of Johanna
5:30 Aunt Dicey…
7:00 Best Friends, Starring Mike
8:30 A People’s History of Love
10:00 Axed! (Rockstars’ Remix)

Sunday, August 9

1:00 A People’s History of Love
2:30 Full Frontal Improv
4:00 Visions of Johanna
5:30 Fearsome Critter
7:00 You’re Naked, You’re Crazy…
8:30 Fringe Encore