Budgeting For a Wedding in Hennepin County

Those who marry in Hennepin County spend an average of $28,317 on the day. That is if your wedding includes between 213 and 233 guests—going over could add $114 to $140 per person to that number. Here’s how the costs breakdown, helping you to budget accordingly.

  • Venue, catering and rentals: $12.64K
  • Jewelry: $4.46K
  • Photography and video: $2.91K
  • Planner or consultant: $1.76K
  • Attire and accessories: $1.74K
  • Flowers and decorations: $1.7K
  • Entertainment: $1.36K
  • Invitations: $902
  • Gifts and favors: $714
  • Beauty and spa: $141

Source: CostofWedding.com

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