Chakra Balancing Massage

I’ve been working two jobs and trying to find a new place to live, so it’s safe to say that my life is in disarray. Aveda must’ve had someone as harried as me in mind when they developed the Chakra Balancing Massage. ¶ This new treatment combines deep-tissue techniques with ancient Ayurvedic philosophy. Ayurveda recognizes seven chakras, or spinning energy centers, along the spine, that contribute to one’s sense of well-being. Although I am skeptical about a treatment that claims to “balance the vibrating frequencies of invisible energy along my spine,” I’ll try anything at this point to relax. ¶ At Juut, my massage therapist, Kelly, explains that each chakra is associated with a scent, color, and psychological function. Her goal is to get all of my chakras to work together using aromatherapy, light meditation, and massage. ¶ She first asks me to choose a card from a set of journey cards, which will help identify the aromatherapy oil that she will use throughout the treatment. I select a blue card with the word “expression,” representing the fifth chakra, or throat. ¶ Kelly kneads her way down my spine, massaging each chakra region. She also massages the corresponding reflex points on my hands and feet. When Kelly reaches my throat, she instructs me to meditate on the color blue and silently repeat the word “expressive” to enhance the flow of energy throughout my body. ¶ Afterward, I lie alone in the dimly lit room, breathing in the grapefruit and rosemary oil. When I finally get up, I start thinking about the apartment that needs painting, the errands that need running—but I don’t care. All of me is vibrating at one frequency.

WHAT: Chakra Balancing Massage

WHERE: Juut Salonspas, six metro locations,

TIME: 60 minutes

PRICE: $75