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Dr. Melisa S. Zettler


A typical dental checkup might include a professional cleaning and polishing, instructions for oral care, a comprehensive exam of the areas inside and outside your mouth, digital x-rays, and treatment recommendations.

And if your dentist is Dr. Melissa Zettler of Cherrywood Dental Care, located in Savage, your checkup will also most likely include another thing.


Dr. Zettler has a good time getting to know her patients, making small talk, trading jokes, and sharing stories. She is upbeat, kind, and thoughtful, qualities that serve her well in the dental profession.

Also serving her well is a friendly and helpful staff, an office with a welcoming atmosphere (blankets, headphones, pillows and views of a calming wetland), her experience and education (she graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry with honors, was selected to participate in an advanced residency program, then went on to complete intensive postgraduate training in cosmetic dentistry, occlusion, joint pain, and advanced restorative issues), her dedication to the field (she continuously takes advanced courses to better her skills), and a genuine interest in helping people.

“I love seeing someone smile who hasn’t felt comfortable smiling in the past because they were self conscious of their teeth,” she says.

She listens to her patients, takes the time to explain necessary procedures, provides straightforward answers, and welcomes questions. She is also respectful of their time.

Mutual respect and honesty create positive long-term relationships at Cherrywood Dental, relationships upon which patient health—and the practice—thrive

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