“Clouds” Design Art at Ligne Roset

I find clouds incredibly inspirational. They have a constant allure regardless of what shape they hold or color they take. Now the beauty and lack of boundaries possessed by clouds can be brought from the sky into my home with an avant garde new tile concept called “Clouds.”

Designed by French brothers and design virtuosos Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, and manufactured by Kvadrat Fabrics out of Denmark, “Clouds” banishes the idea that tiles must be flat, rigid, and rectangular in shape. The squishy, padded, multi-sided “Clouds” tiles can be disconnected and connected easily, taking any shape desired, thanks to rubber connecting bands. A “Clouds” owner has complete creative freedom with their piece. Functionally, it can be suspended from a ceiling, installed upon a wall as an art piece, used as a partition to separate a room, or even as a edgy (and expensive!) doghouse

Ordering is available now, but you won’t be able to view it in person until August, when the Minneapolis Ligne Roset store gets its first shipment. “Clouds” can be purchased in an 8 tile package, priced  between $440 and $495 depending on texture, or a 24 tile package, priced between $1105 and $1235. Tiles comes in two different textures—one flat and woolly, the other more dimensional and wavy—offered in seven hue combinations.

My favorite part about this design: no two arrangements are exactly the same, my “Clouds” piece of art is simply that, mine.