Comedy of Errors Starts Saturday

William Shakespeare, a guy who knew a few things about comedy, once opined that “brevity is the soul of wit.” If he got it right, then the Acting Company’s new production of The Comedy of Errors, which begins previews at the Guthrie this Saturday, January 8, and lasts a mere 90 minutes (without intermission), should be hil-ar-i-ous. One of the bard’s earliest works, the play is all about mistaken identity, word twists, and slapstick goodness. “Without a doubt, it’s one of the funniest plays Shakespeare ever wrote,” says director Ian Belknap.

The production, which Belknap has enlivened with allusions to such icons as Charlie Chaplin and Sophie Lauren, will go on national tour after three weeks in the Twin Cities. That’s a brief run, of course—but you already know what W.S. said about being short and sweet.