Cool Pet Photography by Sarah Beth

My beloved cats’ inexplicable ability to shred apart every piece of furniture introduced into my home has led me to believe pets and interior design mix like oil and water. Now, thanks to Sarah Beth Photography, I can’t stop thinking about how well their furry little faces would blend with my living room’s motif. Twin Cities award winning photographer Sarah Ernhart, more commonly known as Sarah Beth in her studio Sarah Beth Photography in St. Paul, shows how our slobbery best friends (who won’t stay out of the garbage) could be the zesty kick our home’s design is craving. 

Sarah Beth Photography opened in 2006, but Sarah was not a photography newcomer, having before done commercial shoots with a design company in South Dakota as well as freelance portrait sessions. Starting out, Sarah Beth Photography did children’s photos. Sarah soon realized in order for her photography to reach its true potential, she would have to find a niche that wasn’t already saturated. She shifted to pet photography in the summer of 2008 and with the strong support of the Twin Cities pet community, has yet to look back.

What is it about Sarah’s pet photography that makes me want to endure the angry meow-filled car ride to her studio? She combines her adoration of animals and passion for art to create crisp photos with a sentimental touch. These photos, with their bright yet simple backgrounds and perfectly imperfectly posed animals, yell “art” first and whisper “portrait” second. You won’t find your standard family pet snapshot in Sarah’s studio.

The smart shopper can stop by the Mitrebox Window Gallery through June to get a closer look at Sarah’s work as well as pick up a coupon for 25% off a photo session.

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