Cowboys and Angels

No, we’re not talking a sports match-up here, but rather a wonderfully wild goose chase for music.

It’s a game of hide-and-seek when folksy songstress Emily Lacy puts on a show. Coming to the Walker Art Center for her “Cowboys and Angels” tour, 11 different locations around the museum will serve as her impromptu stage. Which one should you go to? Check the sign in the Walker lobby daily for a hint in the right direction. Throughout the 11 days, you’ll find her standing atop her portable trunk stage behind lobby desks, in lounges, and even inside a freight elevator. And as her location changes, so, too, will her sound, as each show will be based on her reaction to a space.

Race to find Lacy by 2 p.m. each afternoon and sit back for 45 minutes of musical experimentation as she belts out a mash-up of slow country ballads juxtaposed with re-mixed improvised vocals. Another treat: Her unique sound is matched by her equally unique costume creations. Last January, she took the stage as a bear. This time around, she will likely be rocking a quilted prairie look (though she admits you will catch her in “plain clothes” for some shows). Either way, you’re guaranteed a surprise.

Cowboys and Angels
Walker Art Center
Tuesday, July 19- Friday, July 29
2 p.m.