Crust Never Sleeps


Number of pies made exclusively for Twin Cities customers during the 2004 holiday season by Betty’s Pies in Two Harbors. This doesn’t account for pies sold directly to those who made the pilgrimage to the crust-on-the-coastline shrine to pick up their own, nor does it include the hundreds shipped out overnight across the continental United States.



Cost of a soup-to-nuts Thanksgiving dinner for 8 to 10 from Lunds and Byerly’s. The ready-made feast includes an oven-roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, poultry gravy, green beans amandine, sage dressing, dinner rolls, and pumpkin and apple pies. Not fighting over who has to scrub the turkey roaster: priceless.



Number of parking spaces at the Mall of America. Perceived number of spaces on the day after Thanksgiving: 12.



Visitors expected annually at the new 185,000-square-foot Cabela’s store in Rogers, which should make it the second largest tourist draw in the state (after the MOA). No stats were available on how many might flock there just to see the fully stocked freshwater aquarium or to use the on-site dog kennels.



Cost of an annual unlimited PowerNap membership at minneNAPolis in the Mall of America. At the usual rate of 70 cents per minute, you’d need to doze for a minimum of 28.5 hours to get your money’s worth. Perk: the shop throws in a free 20-minute birthday nap. Hey—it’s your party, and you can snore if you want to.



Cost per minute to bunk at MetroNaps in the Empire State Building in New York City. Nice to know you can snooze locally for half that rate.

St. Paul writer Maria Hidalgo would love to share details about her glamorous, jet-set life, but it’s time for her nap.