D'Amico Date Night

Enjoy a full night of wining and dining that keeps your wallet full, too.

The restaurants under D’Amico & Partners’s umbrella aren’t your typical chain-dining joints. Each venture has its own atmosphere, its own menu, and its own style. D’Amico Kitchen is as similar to MASA as Pizza Hut is to Chipotle. In fact, if you didn’t already know Parma 8200, Café & Bar Lurcat, D’Amico Kitchen, D’Amico & Sons, Campiello, and MASA were owned by the same company before dining at them, chances are good you’d leave each meal none the wiser. But one change is taking place this coming Sunday, February 20, that will link the restaurants—in a good way. Enter D’Amico date night: Every Sunday, you and a date can enjoy a three-course dinner plus a bottle of wine at any D’Amico establishment for a mere $50 per couple. Now that’s amore.

D’Amico Date Night
Every Sunday starting February 20, 2011
Reservations recommended