Dance: James Sewell Ballet


Move over, New York. The Twin Cities has a vibrant, innovative dance community, and at the forefront of that scene is the James Sewell Ballet—shattering preconceived notions of what ballet is and showing audiences in Minnesota and across the country what ballet can be.

James Sewell, a Minneapolis native, co-founded James Sewell Ballet in New York in 1990 along with Sally Rousse. They relocated the company to Minnesota in 1993 and have been bending boundaries and breaking barriers ever since.

“As a medium of expression, dance has never had a higher level of visibility, both as an art form and as entertainment,” Sewell says. “Our ballet is fun, sexy, and captivating.”

With an ensemble of eight dancers, the James Sewell Ballet constantly pushes the envelope of expression, evident in Moving Works, described by Sewell as “energetic and dramatic performance art,” on The O’Shaughnessy stage from October 22-25. Protective Coloring for Pointe and Cello features the talented duo of Sally Rouse dancing and Laura Sewell playing the cello. Add to the ticket the world premier of the ballet “The Bad Plus Us,” featuring the music of the hip international jazz group The Bad Plus, and you have an edgy and compelling evening of dance.

They head to the Southern Theater February 4-7 for Ballet Works, a brilliant collaboration with Hijack; and in the spring, the dancers return to The O’Shaughnessy April 15-18 for a celebration of Chopin’s 200th birthday.

When the James Sewell Ballet goes on tour, it garners accolades from critics on a regular basis—and the best part is, this creative dance troupe is right in your backyard. Order tickets by calling 612-672-0480.