December 2007 Letters to the Editor

Mail from the last issue of <em>Minnesota Monthly</em>

Fashion Faux Pas

I recently moved here from Chicago and picked up a copy of Minnesota Monthly while working out at the gym. I was excited to open the magazine and dig into all the articles it had to offer. Being new to town, I don’t know all the places to shop, see, and eat besides those that are obvious. I read the article “Hot New Threads For Work” (September)—having started a new job, I needed a whole new business wardrobe, so this article sparked my interest. Only to my disappointment, when I opened the article, all the items shown were available at Macy’s, Nordstrom, Old Navy, Bloomingdale’s—all major retail chains, not one unique to Minnesota. This article could be for any semi-large major metro area, which is nice, but this is a magazine that’s meant to be about what’s special about Minnesota. I will say that most other articles in the issue featured exclusive Minnesota-only products, but I’m just curious and disappointed: Why not that one?

Beth A. Walser

Raves for Caves

What a great story on the Minnesota caver! I have been in love with caving ever since I went to Mystery Cave in southern Minnesota. Thanks for the good read.

Steve Morris

Cool Admirers

Enjoyed your September 2007 issue. Actually read it front to back with no skipping. How about that?!

Debbie Savage

I want to send my congrats for a great issue. I left Minnesota 15 years ago and, although I never was cool (and it’s been years since I even wanted to be), the cool issue added some detail to the general pro-Minnesota feelings that we expats carry around with us. Thanks!

Susan Drury
Nashville, Tennessee

Most often when an issue of Minnesota Monthly arrives in the mail, it sits on the counter while I make dinner, gets moved to the coffee table where it sits for several days, and ultimately ends up bedside where I read it in bits and pieces over the next month. The September issue, however, received a much different treatment. The cover immediately captured my attention, and the content held my interest long after dinner should have been on the table. I’ve lived in Minnesota for many years, and read a lot of local publications, so I can safely say that this issue was, indeed, cool. I would love to see the “cool” theme become a section of the magazine. Local people, businesses, neighborhoods—that’s the stuff that makes Minnesota Monthly more interesting and readable than other Minnesota publications.

Pat Mack
North Oaks

For the Record…

A quirky pet peeve of mine has long been hearing people refer to the central Minnesota community of Cold Spring as “Cold Springs” or the west suburban community of Mound referred to as “Mounds.” Unfairly, perhaps, I tend to categorize those adding the unnecessary “s” as doltish.

As I was perusing a back issue of Minnesota Monthly the other day I was stunned to come across the phrase, “Gluek Brewing Company located in Cold Springs….” This egregious error occurred in the section on summer brews and the only fit penalty, I think, is to have the perpetrators—the writer and the copyeditors—banned from having even a sip of the summer brews the next time they come around.

Stan Roeser


In the November Talk section, we erroneously referenced Harmon AutoGlass in the steaks-for-glass promotions popularized by George Corporaal and his Glass Service Company (“Loco for Local”). When it comes to marketing, Harmon is, and has always been, strictly vegan.

The centerpiece designed by Liz Bastian and Heidi Skoog (“Ultimate Thanksgiving Guide,” November), listed an incorrect phone number for the florists. They can be reached at 612-333-6450.


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