December 2008 Letters to the Editor

Letters from readers regarding the last issues of <em>Minnesota Monthly</em>

Politics Done Right

This morning, I read Tim Brady’s excellent article in Minnesota Monthly (“When the Whole World Was Watching,” November) and promptly e-mailed my good friend Carol Connolly to say two things: First, I loved her comments and second—and equally important—I told her I thought the entire article was superb. Gene McCarthy was once a great friend of my late husband, Bill Klas, and myself, and he stayed with us often when he visited St. Paul.

Many of the articles written about [McCarthy] and about that turbulent period were not entirely accurate, and some were seriously flawed. I think this piece, however, was thoughtful and fair. I doubt neither Hubert nor Gene would quarrel with your description of the events or the conclusions you drew. I greatly appreciate the select group of writers and commentators who actually have gotten things right. It is often the case that they are few and far between.

Louise Klas
St. Paul

Minnesota Nice

I was passing by the magazine at the store and saw the Best of the Cities (October) issue. To be honest, besides the fact that this state’s winter starts in October and ends in May, there is no reason not to find great things in Minnesota. For a foreigner like me, Minnesota has been the kindest, sweetest, and most memorable place. Since the first day I stepped on this land, I learned to fall in love with the people and culture of Minnesota. There are times when I promise to leave this giant freezer forever and never return, yet the charm of Minnesota keeps pulling me back. Many people have asked me, “Of all the states in America, why did you choose Minnesota?” I tell them that I didn’t choose Minnesota—it chose me. Yes, I now believe in fate. Thank you for being a Minnesotan and thank you for that random smile in the cold, foggy morning. Keep up the great work. Minnesota is the place to be!

Tina Nguyen

Oh Mary!

I really have enjoyed Mary Jo Pehl’s columns. It’s the first thing I look for when I open your magazine!

Dan Rooney

Cheesy Omission

I was wondering why there was no cheese-shop category in your Best of the Cities issue (October). It is even more of a bummer now that Farm in the Market is closed. By no means am I saying that our cheese shop [France 44] is the best in the Cities (though our all new configuration is certainly something different from what exists in the Cities), but it would have been nice for a little bit of attention paid to the cheese world.

Benjamin Roberts

Mad Matt

I just got done reading the article called “Paradise Found” (August). I would have to say that, as a born-and-raised citizen of Ely, I am appalled. First off, the acts of the six “drunken men” do not decide how the other 4,000 people feel about tourism. I don’t look at people in Minneapolis as terrorists because someone got shot.

Secondly, we do hunt moose, but that’s not all: We also hunt deer, grouse, and fish just as humans have done for hundreds of years. Do we judge you for eating a piece of fish or a hamburger? Don’t judge us for eating moose.

Finally, I would like to say that there were many houses and resorts that were taken from families in the Boundary Waters, as was mentioned in the article. It was wrong that they were taken from those families. Think about how you would feel if the government one day decided they are just going to take your house. That happened here in Ely in 1964. The Boundary Waters is a beautiful place, but you cannot expect the citizens of Ely to give up a part of their life just so that someone from Minneapolis can come canoe here for one week out of the summer.

Not all tourists are hated here in Ely—just ones like you.



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