Decorate with Monaco Blue: A Top Pantone Color for 2013

Before I worked at this magazine, I had no idea what it meant when my friends in the art world talked about Pantone-this and Pantone-that. Isn’t that a hair product? A heavy metal band? A Spanish word?

I have since learned that Pantone is basically the world’s color authority, or—at least—the color authority for designers, artists, and printing companies. The founder of Pantone created the Pantone Matching System, a book of standardized color in a fan format so that color can be consistent, no matter where you are. For example, the Target brand’s bullseye red color is universally the same around the world whenever Target is printing their logo or promotional materials, thanks to Pantone’s “Target red.”

It makes perfect sense. 

Because Pantone is the world’s color authority, it’s a big deal when they announce their top colors. This year, one of the trend-setting “it” colors is Monaco blue, described as “not a bright cobalt or sapphire blue, but falling somewhere in-between with a shot of sparkle.”

It’s perfect when it comes to home decorating. It looks great alone (on walls) or as an accent piece paired with camel, white, or beige. It’s pretty and sophisticated; timeless and classy. 

Happy decorating!

Pillow in monaco blue

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Sure Fit slipcovers

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Cuyuchi bedding in Monaco blue

Twilight Time Collection

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