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Minnesota Monthly reaches the right audience—highly educated, community conscious, socially active professional with purchase power!


29% of Minnesota Monthly readers have a household income of $150,000+, 25% are millionaires.

Average HHI: $157,200
Average Net Worth: $825,300
Total Value of Investment Portfolio: $442,800

Opinion Leaders

Professional/Manager: 59%
Owner/Partner: 21%
Member of a Board of Directors/Trustees: 14%


Minnesota Monthly readers are food and spirits enthusiasts.

In the past 12 months:
81% have entertained at home in the past 30 days
10% have used a caterer
97% have dined out in the past 30 days (Average 7 times a month)
They spend, on average, $135 a month dining out
22% of our readers purchased 4 or more cases of wine/distilled liquor in one year


We are the one they read.

They spend an average of 68 minutes reading their issue
93% read three out of four issues
49% save their issues and keep them an average of 3.6 months
They refer back to an issue an average of 2.9 times
Average number of readers per issue is 2.4
49% passed along to someone else

Culturally Refined

Minnesota Monthly readers appreciate the arts.

In the past 12 months:
68% have attended the theater
68% have attended dance/music performance

Community Conscious

Minnesota Monthly readers are philanthropic and societally active.

45% have attended a charity event
20% took an active part in local civic issue
20% wrote to a public official about a matter of public issue

Well Traveled

Minnesota Monthly readers go places.

  Minnesota Monthly
Took Domestic Trip89%54%165
Average Number of Trips5.82.7215
Took Foreign Trip54%23%233
Average Number of Trips2.32115
Used Travel Information in Minnesota Monthly for Vacation/Day Trips39%


Minnesota Monthly readers are passionate about life.

87% are regular walkers313
73% are avid gardeners197
39% are bikers357
39% regularly workout in a gymn/a
32% are golfers288
32% enjoy boating/sailing506
27% visited a spa this yearn/a


Minnesota Monthly readers are over 5 times more likely than total US population to have a Graduate degree or higher.

  Minnesota Monthly
Attended College88%170
Graduated College or More68%360
Postgraduate Degree33%401


Committed to Minnesota Monthly.

61% dined at a restaurant seen in Minnesota Monthly
21% used us for restaurant selection
22% visited an advertiser’s website
56% saved items of interest
10% requested information on product seen in Minnesota Monthly
27% visited a store they saw in Minnesota Monthly
20% bought product based on Minnesota Monthly
26% made a recommendation based on reading Minnesota Monthly


50% of Minnesota Monthly readers are between 35-54 — the age group with purchase power.

18–34: 7%
35–44: 16%
45–54: 29%
55–64: 25%
65+: 22%
Average Age: 54


  Minnesota Monthly
Own Residence94%74%128
Average Value$369,300$160,800185
Own Vacation or
Weekend Home

Marital Status

Married: 74%
Single: 8%
Widowed, Separated, or Divorced: 17%


Female: 80%
Male: 20%

Paid Circulation Overview: Rate Base 65,000

Six-Month Circulation Average (6/30/06): 70,004
Subscribers: 63,826
Single Copy: 6,178

Source: MRI Custom Subscriber Study 2005