DIY Spring

There’s no question Midwesterners are yearning for any sign of spring. Some sun? We’ll take it (even with 20-degree temps). Longer days? OK!

But Mother Nature is withholding the real deal, so we’re left to our own devices. I say stop waiting.

Our sister magazine, Minnesota Monthly, has been writing about spring this week, despite the snow on the ground: bring spring in your makeup, nails, and accessories; head to Minneapolis and immerse yourself in sweet-smelling flower glory and greenery at Macy’s Minneapolis’ annual Flower Show, which highlights Asia and many species that can’t survive the seasons here; and plan a spring trip that forces you out of winter doldrums.

Our annual HomeBook can help as well. Why not break out your brighter home accessories and add a few new touches from great local furnishings stores like The Sale Room @ IMS? Many spring goods have hit the shelves, despite what’s outside, and interior designers are ready to help.

And then there’s landscaping. Perhaps that’s the most exciting part of all! Every year I like to imagine what changes I can make to my yard, and put a few new ones into play. Get researching! Get some expert advice! By the time your plan is in place, real spring will be here. Really.

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