Does Eco-Housing Need An Update?

Glidehouse™ Kitchen

The question is: where is eco-housing headed? It is the way of LEED and Minnesota GreenStar, and the other prescriptive, point-based programs? Or it is headed toward something totally different, a model based more on performance than a “Gold” or “Platinum” rating? That’s exactly what green guru John Carmody and his staff are going to talk about on Monday at the College of Design, right on the U of M campus. Before the discussion— which includes a special presentation by the editors of Midwest Home—swing by “The Green House” exhibit, with stunning photos and schematics of 22  cutting-edge green houses from around the world. See a house from China made almost entirely of bamboo, a house in Marin County, California constructed of straw bales with a sprayed-earth finish, and a rammed earth house in Tucson with dramatic V-shaped eaves. The fun starts about 5:45 pm in Room 100 of Ralph Rapson Hall at 89 Church Street, Minneapolis.  

Photo Credit (Above Right): Pacific Northwest Showhouse near Seattle, WA* Michelle Kaufmann Designs, Photo by Steven Meyer of Steven Meyer Photography, Courtesy National Building Museum.

Mill Valley Straw-Bale House, Marin County, California, 2001* Arkin Tilt Architects;
David Arkin and Anni Tilt, Designers © John Dolan, photographer, courtesy National
Building Museum


Tucson Mountain House, Tucson, Arizona, 2001* Rick Joy Architects © Undine Pröhl,
photographer, courtesy National Building Museum


Walla Womba Guest House, Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia, 2003* 1+2
Architecture Photo by Peter Hyatt, courtesy National Building Museum