Dreamy Vibes

Dear Billy: What are your favorite paint colors for the bedroom? I’m looking for something that will look very dreamy and elegant, and works well with the sunlight in Minnesota.

Answer: The real question is: What are your favorite colors for the bedroom? A professional interior designer will work with the colors that you relate to. Here are a couple of options:

For a cool, serene environment, bring the color of the sky inside. I generally prefer blues that lean more towards the purple side rather than a blue green. Complement this with a crisp white or a warm cream, and you’ll get a space with a fresh, soothing vibe. This color palette will allow you to accessorize with anything from chocolate brown to charcoal gray so that the room doesn’t “float” away. Combine this palette with soft luxurious textures like cream cotton velvet, a cable-knit cashmere throw, and maybe a tufted headboard. I would suggest pairing this with a smooth chardonnay and some French truffles. Send the kids to Grandma’s house and the rest is up to you.

Option two: Consider that we spend most of our time in the bedroom when it’s dark out, and let that fact lead you to a warm and sensuous chocolate brown. For a contrast, use a light cream paint stain on your woodwork and some of the case pieces. To brighten the space, use a bold chocolate and cream contemporary floral as an accent. Choose a cream wool shaggy carpet that will tickle your tootsies and soften the entire space. Another way to create sparkle and interest would be to use stainless steel, and polished chrome or nickel in lighting and accessories. Currently the retail market for luxury bedding is flooded with cream and chocolate. Layer the two to create depth and simplicity. Be sure to pump up the overall lighting plan to compensate for the dark walls and give a bit of punch to your cream accent.