Dress to the Max

Our top 10 maxi-dress picks of the summer

The maxi-dress trend has hit stores all over the metro area and is taking summer by storm.

Here, our top 10 dress picks (ranked from lowest to highest in price) to maximize your summer wardrobe.

 Maxi dress 1: $15, Forever 21, Floral maxi dress in black/red, BUY


Maxi dress 2: $30, Forever 21, Embroidered maxi dress in black/cream, BUY

Maxi dress 3: $35, Target, Mossimo multi-style convertible maxi dress in black, BUY

Maxi dress 4: $70, Gap, Jersey maxi dress in jade stone, BUY


Maxi dress 5: $100, Banana Republic, Frida maxi dress in Bermuda pink, BUY

Maxi dress 6: $130, Banana Republic, Ikat halter maxi dress in coral, BUY

Maxi dress 7: $148, Anthropologie, Frida maxi dress in black motif, BUY

Maxi dress 8: $158, Anthropologie, Cultivated maxi dress in cream, BUY

Maxi dress 9: $250, Banana Republic, Monogram silk floral one-shoulder gown in blue combo, BUY

Maxi dress 10: $358, Anthropologie, Spellbound maxi dress in blue, BUY

For more spring maximum-length style, read “Dress It Up, Dress It Down.”

Katie Dohman is a St. Paul freelance writer and editor focused on lifestyle stories. Formerly the lifestyle editor for Minnesota Monthly, she’s also contributed to Zagat, the Star Tribune, Experience Life, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, and BloomaBlog, among others.