Eco Chic Fashion

Oscar de la Renta, Diane Von Furstenburg, Bono of U2, Eddie Bauer, Timberland and Minneapolis–based Birch Clothing are part of the eco–fashion movement—they believe in ecologically conscious and environmentally–friendly apparel.

All-natural fabrics are better for the earth and better for your health, says Ellen Gavin, who co–owns Birch Clothing with longtime friend Marti Markus.

Materials that minimize harmful environmental effects are organic cotton, hemp (which is naturally pest and weed resistant), Tencel (a fiber made from wood pulp), bamboo and soy in fabric form.

The clothes wash easily, withstand wear, are affordable, and feel extremely soft and comfortable. And—contrary to popular belief—apparel made from all–natural fiber can be both colorful and fashion–forward.

“The perception of eco–attire as dowdy and drab is passé,” says Gavin. “The clothing Birch carries is contemporary, stylish and comes in a broad array of hues.”

Another important factor in the eco-fashion movement is a firm belief in fair trade principles—with clothing sewn and handled by employees who earn a fair wage and work in safe, dignified conditions.

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