Energy Audits Explained

Dear Expert: What is an energy audit and how can it benefit me?

A: An energy audit is done by a professional who uses a variety of diagnostic tools to evaluate areas in your home where energy is lost. For instance, many auditors will use a blower-door test to bring the interior of a home to an air pressure that is lower than the exterior. Using a smoke pencil or Infrared Thermal Camera, they look for areas where air is seeping into (or out of) the home…Where air leaves the home, energy goes with it. By determining where energy is lost, auditors can make recommendations about how to improve your home’s performance.

It’s very likely that you can work with your electric or natural gas supplier to arrange for this audit at a discounted rate. Once you are armed with the proper information, you can work with a qualified contractor to put a plan of action together to save energy and money.

Chris Roeder, Project Manager
Jim Larson, Building Science Expert
Renee Johnson, Manager of Home Project Development