Essential Kitchen & Bath Products

Dear Expert: What are the must-have products you are seeing in kitchens and baths that will stand the test of time? I’m interested in the ceiling-mounted shower heads but don’t want to jump on the bandwagon if it’s not going to have staying power.

A: “Must have” plumbing products for the kitchen all offer an increase in functionality, and greater ease of use with an emphasis on features that make clean-up faster and integrate into a style statement. The undermount sink is number one for its convenience and integrated look. Number two is a soap dispenser for the same reasons. Finally, a faucet with an integrated pull out or down spray minimizes the number of items on the faucet deck area of the sink. In the bath, the most in-demand items are in the shower faucet area, with multiple outlets in the shower being high on the list. Usually, this takes the form of a handshower in addition to a showerhead, or more than one showerhead. Handshowers provide the same function as a showerhead and also can be used to clean the shower area. The rainshower head is very popular and provides a gentle water delivery; often, a second head with more force is used in conjunction with the rainshower to speed rinsing shampoo from hair. Although rainshower heads are available in larger diameters today than in the past, they have been around for decades and were most often found in upscale bathrooms. They will be a preference for years to come. Undermount sinks are also a “must have” in the bath, and can work with any design direction.

—Pipeline Supply
Tom Norris-Norvoll, Showroom Manager