Etsy Love from MN: Julie Meyer’s Super-Chic Dishwashing Gloves

These are the kind of dishwashing gloves that Housework Goddesses wear—all frill and flair, with non of the wear and tear. Minneapolis mom and former graphic designer Julie Meyer got the idea to give standard-bearer dishwashing gloves a diva makeover when she was making oilcloth bibs for her son. Now its her own little cottage industry on Etsy, and a perfect bridal shower gift, when wrapped up with heavenly-scented dish detergent and surface cleaner from local company Daub & Bauble, and placed in a fun a waste basket from the MacBeth Collection (that you can design to have a matching pattern!) To make her gloves, Meyer starts with high-grade oilcloth from Treadle Yard Goods in St. Paul, and extremely tough gloves. “Everyone says they’re so much tougher and heavier than the cheapies you can buy,” she says. She’s only ripped one of them—but that was when she was hauling rocks in her garden!