Experiencing The Wedding Fair

Photo by Adrienne Page
Courtesy of The Wedding Fair

Three times a year, Twin City Bridal Association brings couples The Wedding Fair,™ regarded as the nation’s leading wedding event.

“If the term ‘bridal show’ doesn’t make you visualize a high-fashion runway, top quality wedding businesses, and inspiring decorating ideas and concepts that you can actually incorporate into your own wedding, you haven’t attended The Wedding Fair,” says Josh Franz, Twin City Bridal Association’s president.

To say there is nothing locally like The Wedding Fair is an understatement. By using the award-winning talents of The Wedding Guys,® Matthew Trettel and Bruce Vassar, Twin City Bridal Association is able to offer newly engaged couples the opportunity to experience a wedding event not available anywhere else! The Wedding Fair is so highly acclaimed that The Wedding Guys are regularly invited to produce bridal fashion shows for events abroad.

Photo by Adrienne Page
Courtesy of The Wedding Fair

“We don’t even like to use the term ‘bridal show’ since that conjures up thoughts of display tables at a mall, someone’s sister modeling gowns, or something that looks more like a school bazaar,” says Wedding Guy Bruce Vassar. “The Wedding Fair is a designed special event, with decorating ideas, a New York-style fashion show—emulating fashion week in New York City—and a 16-piece orchestra playing in the reception rotunda. It’s all about having a show with great energy, fun, and excitement. The big difference between our show and others is our keen eye for meticulous details and creative ideas for all who attend.”

Photo by Adrienne Page
Courtesy of The Wedding Fair

With a modern attitude and keen sense of wedding style, The Wedding Guys have instilled their signature energy and creativity into The Wedding Fair. Each show has a special theme to inspire couples to consider alternatives and help them explore different possibilities.

At The Wedding Fair, it’s all about the experience. From the entrance to the exit, visual stimulation is the rule of the day. From a forest of 30-foot-tall birch trees creating a winter wonderland at The Wedding Fair-themed “Winter Weddings” to the fusion of crimson hues for a “Moulin Rouge” reception concept, The Wedding Fair is an atmosphere that is truly awe inspiring. At The Wedding Fair on  March 18, The Wedding Guys will show you how to create your own “Retro Wedding.”

With nearly 200 different vendors offering thousands of products and ideas, The Wedding Fair is the ultimate shopping destination for the soon-to-be married couple. Open for just one day, this one-of-a-kind event provides an exclusive opportunity to meet top wedding experts—all conveniently located under one roof at the Minneapolis Convention Center. With a few hints from the Wedding Guys, those attending The Wedding Fair can make a day of it. The great benefit of attending is that you will walk away with most—if not all—of your planning complete.

The Wedding Fair

It’s a day of shopping like no other!  Here’s how to make the best of it:

• Order tickets in advance at www.twincitybridal.com
• Make a day of it by starting with breakfast at the Hilton or Hyatt hotels. Invite your fiancé, bridesmaids, mom and future mother-in-law.
• Know your budget and how much you have allocated for each item or service you need to purchase. By planning ahead, you’ll stay within budget.
• Attend with a clear goal in mind and make a point of meeting and making appointments with certain wedding experts.
• Make sure you know who you want to meet with so you don’t forget to speak with them. Make these wedding experts your priority. You will be among leaders in their field who are eager to talk and answer questions. If you like an exhibitor and are interested in finding out more about their service, set a future appointment for an in-depth planning session.
• Have a clear idea of what style of wedding you want. What time of year, time of day, location type, colors and items of significant importance do you want for your wedding?

Preview The Wedding Fair online at www.twincitybridal.com