Eyebrow Shaping

One of my biggest regrets in life: over-plucking my eyebrows. I’d like to say it was because some beauty editor had declared thick, Brooke Shields–like brows passé, but more likely I was just bored the day I picked up a pair of tweezers. That was 1999. ¶ I’ve been slowly growing out my brows ever since, so I finally have something to work with when I recline into the chair of Twin Cities eyebrow authority Leah Simon-Clarke. Before opening Extrados salon, the trained esthetician apprenticed with Damone Roberts, “The Eyebrow King,” of Beverly Hills. If anyone can put me on the path to the fuller, shapelier brows of my youth, it’s Leah. ¶ While she gently tweezes my stray hairs, Leah explains that face shape and bone structure—not trends—should determine an individual’s ideal brow shape. When brows follow the natural shape of your brow bone, they can open up your eyes and frame your face. ¶ Leah uses a brow pencil to fill in the sparse areas only (the key to a natural look), softens the pencil with powder, and sets it all with brow gel. To ensure that I can replicate the technique at home, she does one brow in the mirror so I can see the application, and the other so I can feel it. ¶ The finished product is a little bit darker and a whole lot fuller than when we started. And, for the first time in my life, I have arches. Since I ultimately want to achieve this look without the help of makeup, Leah instructs me not to pluck a single hair for the next three months. She’d rather be the one to decide what needs tweezing. I agree.

WHAT: Eyebrow shaping and grooming
WHERE: Extrados,
4279 Sheridan Ave., Minneapolis,
612-920-0051, extrados.com
TIME: 30 minutes
PRICE: $30 and up

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