Family Jewels

Adorn mom with a no-fail heirloom-quality gift: sparklers designed by local jewelers

Where to get it

Clockwise from top-left:

1. Signet ring, $300, by Betty Jaeger, 

2. Sterling-silver Pebble ring with cognac diamonds, $500, by Betty Jaeger. 

3. Gold Secrets necklace, $800, by Betty Jaeger.

4. Sterling silver and 18k gray-gold ring with cognac and champagne diamonds, $879, by Betty Jaeger.


Left-right from top left:

5. Set of three sterling-silver Matchstick cuff bracelets, $94, by Carrier Pigeon, 

6. Bronze 3 Peak necklace on sterling-silver chain, $210, by Carrier Pigeon. 

7. Blackened sterling-silver Pod earrings with 22k gold granulation, $198, by Britta Kauppila,

8. Ring, $214, by Laura Heiden of Fence Design, 

9. Victoria earrings, $218, by Karin Jacobsen, 

10. Stacking rings by Emily Johnson, $275-$315,

11. Galaxy necklace, $313, by Karin Jacobsen 

12. Sterling-silver earrings, $48, by Fence Design  

13. Flying bird emblem ring, $145, by Susan Elnora Frerichs, 

14. Lotus Petal ring, $135, by Karin Jacobsen 

15. Sterling-silver bangles, $34 each, by Fence Design