Fashion + Interiors by LiLu Interiors

orb lightsUnlike some lucky souls who know exactly what their style is, I’m still trying to determine what I like. I can tell you with 100 percent certainty if I liked a certain book, or sandwich, or song on the radio, but I’m not as quick to respond when it comes to style.

In some ways I’m safe and traditional, in other ways I’m drawn to the free-spirited “anything goes” whimsy of boho chic. Sometimes I like metro mod (the shapes, the bold colors!), sometimes I like timeless simplicity, other times I find myself admiring the beauty and quality of high-end luxury. (Maybe someday.)

Last night I attended “Fashion + Interiors,” an event at International Market Square presented by LiLu Interiors—a charming little boutique design firm in Minneapolis—and decided that it’s ok to like a little bit of everything (and I did find something I liked in all five of their interior vignettes and models!). I also learned that elements of your individual fashion sense can make perfect sense in your home.

What about you? What style do you most identify with?

Timelessly Tailored
Elegant, classic design that stands the test of time.
Dress by Bombshell on Grand Avenue; bag, shoes, and watch by Pumpz & Company in Edina’s Galleria.


Boho Chic
Earth tones with splashes of color, drawing on bohemian and hippie influences.
Outfit by Bumbershute; bag and shoes by Pumpz & Company in Edina’s Galleria.


Metro Mod
Merging the streamlined “mod” look of the 1960s—with nods to color, texture, and form—with the metropolitan style of today.
Outfit by the Galleria’s Hammer-Made; watch by local company Taki (available at Hammer-Made).


New Traditional
Saturated colors, multiple patterns, sleek forms, mix-and-match style.
Outfit by Melly, located in the Galleria.


Acquired Luxe
High-end furnishings, exquisite workmanship, customizing to your lifestyle.
Suit by Doncaster; shoes by Pumpz & Co.; earrings by Bumbershute.


For more information about any of the home furnishings found in these photos,  please contact Rik at