Father's Day Finds

Sunday, June 17 is just a handful of days away, and many of us are still scrambling—in a thoughtful, caring, but yes, rushed way—to find something appropriate for dad.

Thankfully, I’ve found a lot of inspiration lately via our sister magazine, Minnesota Monthly

shadesThe men in my life are each a little metrosexual—they care how they look, and don’t mind buying a few products to take care of themselves. That’s worth encouraging!

Grooming Gifts are always popular… Who doesn’t like to look better, smell better, and be around those who do? I often smell my dad before I see him!

And every guy needs a stylish pair of shades, so I like these last-minute gifts from Kate Arends.

I also can’t resist a great grill product (like those featured in our current issue), because that’s always fun—with a pretty fast, tasty reward I get to enjoy! I mean, a personalized branding iron? How nonessential but cool.

Then again, sometimes experiences we can enjoy together are better than any material gift—and for that I have Minnesota Journeys adventure ideas. Decisions, decisions…

Happy [early] Father’s Day to all great dads out there!

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