February 2012 Letters to the Editor

Vexed about Vaxing

Since no good answer yet exists for what causes autism, parents are left scouring the Internet for answers. Generation Rescue, the Canary Party, and Age of Autism have filled in the gaps with an answer that seems plausible. But vaccines do not cause autism. Ashley Shelby’s blog provides a valuable service for parents who are confused by anti-vaccine misinformation. Thanks to such outspoken parents, officials, and doctors, the vaccine goose chase may be abandoned and we might find a cause of autism.

Posted by minnesota mother on mnmo.com

My husband and I both have scientific/medical backgrounds. We absolutely relate our son’s encephalopathy and autism to the adverse events of vaccination. The fault with the National Immunization Program is that it’s one-size-fits-all. Parents in my situation are called “anti-vaccine,” “scientifically illiterate,” and now “killers.” Blaming parents of vaccine-injured children is inexcusable. If public-health advocates want a continuing vaccination program they need to address the source of the problem: vaccine safety.

Posted by sagacious on mnmo.com

How telling is this statement from [Minnesota Department of Health’s Director of Infectious Disease Epidemiology] Kris Ehresmann: “She applauds thoughtful parents, but when they ‘start asking about things that have never been questioned,’ she says, ‘it’s a recipe for disaster.’” Does Ehresmann really want us to just blindly accept that our drugs and medicines are rigorously tested for safety?

Posted by tjk on mnmo.com

A Super Rich RN?

Correction: In our 2012 Salary Survey, a registered nurse’s annual salary was mistakenly reported as $140,000. Her actual annual salary is $40,000. Her household income is $140,000.

Just for reference, a new nurse starts at somewhere around $28 or $30 per hour. I worry that people reading your article who saw nurses picketing last summer might wonder what we were complaining about. Your mistake paints a bad picture of an occupation that’s been fighting with contract negotiations just recently.

Erik Olson