When I heard that RejoovMe relaxation center in St. Louis Park claims that its floating sessions can ease everything from arthritis to stress and feels as restful as a four-hour nap, I was skeptical. If floating is the trick to instant relaxation, why isn’t everyone flocking to the nearest lake or bathtub? But with two jobs and a sore back to prove it, I’ll try just about anything.

At RejoovMe, spa manager Jeanna Beck explains that the water used for each session contains 800 pounds of Epsom salt, which causes you to float like a cork. This weightless state relaxes muscles, joints, and brain waves, encouraging a meditative state.

Beck hands me a pair of earplugs to filter out noise while I’m floating, and sends me into a private room where a Star Trek­–esque pod awaits. I slip into the 10 inches of warm water and close the lid (note to claustrophobes: RejoovMe also offers a lid-less bed). At first, soothing ocean sounds drift through speakers. Then nothing—no light, noise, or gravity. I float effortlessly, forgetting my fears about being the only floater ever to sink.

At some point I doze off, and before I know it my hour-long session is up. Cue more ocean music. The lid opens automatically and I step out. My skin is smoother, and my back pain is noticeably reduced. Though I don’t feel like I’ve taken a four-hour nap, I do sleep like a rock that night and feel refreshed the next day.

Some people take vacations, others get a massage. If the weird, back-to-the-womb experience of floating in a pod appeals to you, then it, too, will be relaxing. Whatever floats your boat.

What: Floating session
Where: RejoovMe, 3826 Grand Way, St. Louis Park, 952-285-2993, rejoovme.com
Time: 30, 60, or 90 minutes
Price: $55–$75

Beauty Bag

THE EXPERT: Paige Ferris of pH Orem spa is passionate about pH-balanced skin. Here she simplifies this tricky topic.

pH 101: “The skin is happiest at a pH of 4.5 to 6. Otherwise it can become dry, itchy, or inflamed—which often leads to acne and wrinkles.”

BALANCING ACT: Ferris prefers liquid facial cleansers, which are acidic enough to lift dirt and oil. A moisturizer containing light botanical oils will neutralize the cleanser. Try: Dermalogica Power Rich Kit ($180).

TRADE SECRET: “In a pinch, a non-alcoholic, hydrating toner like Dermalogica Antioxidant HydraMist ($37) will instantly restore the skin’s pH level,” says Ferris.

For a free pH test of your skincare products, call Ferris at 612-339-1905. phorem.com


Aveda Institute Workshops

Beauty school, here you come. The top-notch instructors at the Aveda Institute Minneapolis are now hosting hands-on workshops for beauty amateurs. Learn how to blow-dry like a pro or care for your skin at any age. The really beautiful thing? Twenty dollars gets you into the classroom—and a $20 gift card redeemable at the institute’s retail store. For a schedule of upcoming workshops, call 612-331-1400.