Fresh, Local Winter Produce

Most people think you can’t get fresh, local produce in Minnesota in the winter. They’re wrong. ¶ Thanks to innovative growing techniques, fresh salad greens grown in Wisconsin and fresh tomatoes grown in Minnesota can grace your table even as the March snow flies. ¶ In Andover, Minnesota, Dehn’s Gardens’ 20 greenhouses catch the sun but block the chill. In River Falls, Wisconsin, Jack and the Green Sprout raises fresh alfalfa, spicy daikon radish, and sunflower sprouts using photovoltaic panels to offset the electricity needed for grow lights. Bushel Boy tomatoes grow in Owatonna, without pesticides or herbicides.¶ Surprised? Most people are—even grocery buyers—so spread the news! Then make a salad to celebrate our fresh winter bounty.


1. Featherstone Fruits and Vegetables, Rushford CROPS: Greens FIND THEM: Rochester Good Food Co-op, Rochester
2. LaBore Farms, Faribault CROPS: Bibb lettuce, mixed greens, spinach FIND THEM: Mississippi Market, St. Paul; Hampden Park Co-op, St. Paul; many other co-ops
3. Rock Spring Farm, Decorah, Iowa CROPS: Carrots, rutabagas, garlic, lettuce, herbsFIND THEM : The Wedge, Mpls.; Linden Hills Co-op, Mpls.
4. Lakeview Greenhouses, Detroit Lakes CROPS : Tomatoes FIND THEM: Hornbacher’s in Fargo and Moorhead; Central Market, Detroit Lakes
5. Tomato King, Albany CROPS: Tomatoes, cucumbers FIND THEM: The Wedge, Mpls.
6. Dehn’s Gardens, Andover CROPS: Two dozen fresh herbs, edible flowers, and greens including watercress and sorrell FIND THEM: Kowalski’s, Lunds & Byerly’s
7. Jack & the Green Sprouts, River Falls, Wisconsin CROPS: Sprouts, including alfalfa, daikon, broccoli, wheatgrass FIND THEM: The Wedge, Mpls.; Seward Co-op, Mpls.
8. Prairie Hollow Farm, Elgin CROPS: Lettuces, spinach, bok choy FIND THEM: Rochester Farmers’ Market, Rochester
9. Living Waters Garden, Wells CROPS: Tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers FIND THEM: Mississippi Market, St. Paul; the Wedge, Mpls.; Seward Co-op, Mpls.; St. Peter Food Co-Op, St. Peter
10. Bushel Boy Tomatoes, Owatonna CROPS : Tomatoes FIND THEM: Kowalski’s, Super Target, Cub Foods, Lunds, Byerly’s, Rainbow Foods
11. DragSmith Farms, Barron, Wisconsin CROPS: Lettuce, micro-greens, herbs, edible flowers FIND THEM: Seward Co-op, Mpls.; Just Local Food Co-op, Eau Claire; Local D’Lish, Mpls.
12. Bloomin’ Greenhouse Florist n’ Herbals, Utica CROPS: Micro-greens, sproutsFIND THEM : Bluff Country Co-op, Winona; People’s Co-op, La Crosse, Wisconsin
13. Whitewater Gardens, Altura CROPS: Salad greens FIND THEM: Bluff Country Co-op, Winona
14. Future Farm, Baldwin, Wisconsin CROPS: Greens, lettuce FIND THEM: Valley Natural Foods, Burnsville
15. Bay Produce Superior, Wisconsin CROPS: Tomatoes, peppers FIND THEM: Whole Foods Co-op, Duluth
16. River Valley Ranch Burlington, Wisconsin CROPS: Mushrooms FIND THEM: Rochester Good Food Co-op, Rochester
17. Forest Mushrooms, St. Joseph CROPS: Mushrooms FIND THEM: Lunds, Byerly’s, Whole Foods Market, Kowalski’s, Festival Foods, Cub Foods; Shuang Hur, Mpls.; the Wedge, Mpls.; Whole Foods Co-op, Duluth
18. Tomato Patch, Melrose CROPS: Tomatoes FIND THEM: Bluff Country Co-op, Winona