Friday Find: Accessories Wall

Nail Polish Shelf

Pinterest can get a bad rap (usually by non users) for being a time suck—albeit an inspiring, gorgeous, envy- or appetite-inducing time suck—but I’d have to disagree.

Numerous times I’ve needed to bring an appetizer or dessert to a special gathering, and I can immediately reference my recipe board, even while at the grocery store, to make it happen. Then there’s the “wish” board, perfect for (ahem) anyone who wants to treat me. 

scarf holders

Scarf wall using candle holders

But the home inspiration is some of the best. Recently I’ve come across a variety of objects, furniture and accessories used in unconventional ways: A spice rack for displaying nail polish; a wire folder for holding your hair dryer; cute door knobs and hooks for hanging scarves, or a rake for necklaces. It’s a great way to organize what you have, remember what’s there as you dress, and turn utility into decor. 

And yes, it does feel like a little pat on the back every day I see these Pinterest ideas realized!

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