Friday Find: Tangerine Explosion

Most designers, interior designers, and fashion gurus are familiar with Pantone’s color of the year announcement. It’s always exciting to hear what shade was knighted, because almost instantly, the trends follow and we all get to watch it go down—and likely buy in! 

For 2012, everyone learned about Tangerine Tango, “a spirited reddish orange,” and it’s been fun to see it pop up everywhere. We noticed it in slight home accessories and touches, like the living room walls of this 2012 Luxury Home Tour house in Edina, built by Highmark Builders. And it started popping up in stores, with scarves, jewelry and makeup. Katie Dohman, the style editor of our own sister pub, Minnesota Monthly, even rocked a tangerine skirt in her recent monthly lifestyle column. And then there’s hair! Yes, hair. For the fashionable risk-taker with a skilled stylist in your back pocket, tangerine can now even take over your tresses.

Admittedly, orange was never on my favorites list, but these finds are really starting to persuade me… I need a little more tangerine in my life! But I think I’ll stick to an accent pillow.