Friday Find: The ABC of Architects

From Aalto (known for Säynätsalo Town Hall in Finland) to Zaha Hadid (The Pierres Vives building in Montpellier), our Friday Find is a fun video that captures some significant architects and their ultimate works.

The structures in this video are “built,” “move,” and “fall” in great fashion to old-timey music. (Kudos to animators Andrea Stinga and Frederico Gonzalez!) Just watch to see what I mean.

Some rotate so fast, I found my cursor close to the track for pausing, when something really caught my eye or I wanted to consider, longer, the accompanying flag (delineating where the building exists) or certain features.

Naturally, there are many more famous architects and buildings that could make the list, but there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, plus quite a few countries to hit, so we don’t mind.

Ultimately, it’s fun and informative, and a great distraction for a Friday afternoon! Happy weekend.

The ABC of Architects from fedelpeye on Vimeo.