Fringe Festival Fun

Shows about robots, Shakespeare, presidents, and more take over Twin Cities venues all week long

The theaters and venues of the Twin Cities are having a free-for-all this week: the Fringe Festival. Based on the theory that everyone has the capability to make great art (and should get a chance to try), the Fringe staff lets anyone and everyone submit their show ideas and then selects the year’s line up at random. Once chosen, the producers get access to a fully equipped venue, professional theater techs, marketing, customer service workers, and workshops. The only rule: “Obey the laws of physics—and Minnesota.”

Shows are taking place all over Minneapolis and St. Paul tonight and the rest of the week, ranging in content from party girls taking over the United States (I’m Totally President by Cat Lady Productions) to Macbeth: The Video Game Remix to the sci-fi/steam punk/action adventure musical comedy Robot Lincoln: The Revengence, in which Abraham Lincoln is revived as a robot and has to decide between ridding the world of John Wilkes Booth or uniting with him to save Earth from an even greater enemy. Oh, and other former presidents also make cameos throughout the hour-long show.

Regardless of the show you decide to take in tonight, it’s safe to say you’ll be thoroughly entertained, if not impressed, by the free-spirited, anything-goes atmosphere that is the Fringe Festival.

Minnesota Fringe Festival
Now through Sunday, August 14
Times, prices, and locations vary, see schedule