From the Expert: How can I incorporate reclaimed wood into my home?

Q. I love the look of old wood, but I have a very modern home. How can I incorporate reclaimed wood into my home?

A. Reclaimed wood is a true treasure from old ships, barns, mills, and commercial and residential buildings. Warm and rich with history, salvaged wood pieces can create a dramatic impact, blending history with modern home design. Wood with distinct age marks present a visual history, while enriching modern homes with softness, stunning texture, and beautiful color.

Reclaimed wood pieces are not only popular in structural elements, like flooring, beams, doors, and wall treatments, but are just as fashionable when used in home decoration or furniture. A reclaimed wood desk, table, headboard, mirror frame, coffee table, fireplace mantle, or set of shelves lends warmth to a room and infuses the space with a sense of history and charm that new materials lack.

Expert Note

The weathered look of reclaimed wood can give modern spaces a sense of history not found in new materials.

Matthew Schmidt

Vice President, Design+Build

AMEK Custom Builders