Gallery Wall: Pattern Mash

Pictured is Bar Liguria from our recent South American trip. This particular Bar Liguria is one of the three super popular restaurants by the same name in Santiago, Chile. The décor is borrowed from various continents for an eclectic feel. Notice the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s shot on the left and the Asian cigarette signage on the right? There are also local vintage street signs and original artwork.

How can you get this look at home? Choose a Damask or toile-patterned wallpaper as your base. Layer old frames and new with all the eclectic artwork you can find.

Antique stores and flea markets usually have lots of paper posters, paintings on board and advertising signage to build your collection. Mix frame finishes, styles, and sizes building that found look.

Original artwork is something I look for whenever I’m shopping. Try art fairs, art school sales, or for those one-of-a-kind and often reasonable buys. Puzzle together all the frames into your own art gallery wall!

-Barbara Schmidt, Interior Designer and Art Director,