Glass Artist Appreciation at Foci

Experience first-hand the delicate, beautiful art of glass blowing

Picture a hollow, fused glass cylinder. Then, imagine it being heated to 1,050 degrees in a kiln so it can be blown and worked into a vessel. That—and much more—is what you can expect to see tonight when you join Foci Minnesota Center for Glass Art as they host an appreciation day for artists who have the magic touch when it comes to shaping glass.

Bring a dish to share and chum it up with members of the glass community as you marvel at what can be created when you bring together heat, glass, and talented artists. Scheduled artists will demonstrate throughout the day, but workbenches will be in abundance for any glass artist brave enough to grab a spot and show off what they do best. Helen Lee Hoffman and Jack Klatt & The Catswingers will keep the party rolling as they provide a soundtrack for the pulling, twisting, and shaping of basic glass into beautiful things.

Glass Artist Appreciation
Saturday, August 27
3-9 p.m.
Foci Minnesota Center for Glass Arts
2010 E. Hennepin Ave., Mpls.