Glass Slippers

So my little tote search prompted a bit of an outcry from my friend Angie. She is on her own shopping mission, for something far more critical: wedding shoes. Angie knows what she want–white patent peep-toe pumps in a moderate heel–but the perfect pair she found (pictured) have an unsightly tendency to crack. I am going to assume that this is Mr. Marc Jacobs’ single flaw.

I know every bride dreams about her dress, but like any outfit, if the shoes don’t work there’s really no point. So when Angie asked for help, I wracked by brain and went a bit Google ga-ga. She’s already hit the biggies (Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc.), so I suggested she try the following Websites. When time matters, online shopping is a dream. Search engines have improved significantly, shipping is often free, and returns are slick. Plus, the web is a gateway to brands and inventory that may not even be available locally.

My own quick search yielded these d’Orsay pumps. Not patent leather, and a higher heel, but equally as classic for her 1950s-style dress.

If you have any ideas for Angie, please speak up! This bride-to-be deserves the best.