Good Old Navy

Every summer, about the time it starts to really heat up, I make my annual pilgrimage to Old Navy. It’s annual because I want 80 percent of my wardrobe to be with me for several years, if not longer. These staples have to be well-made and classically-styled if they’re going to go the distance. Clothes from Old Navy, H&M, Forever 21, and even the Gap don’t usually fit the bill. They tend to stretch out after one wear, and shrink, fade, or pill after one wash. However, when I start craving a sundress, or a beach cover-up, I know I’ll find them at Old Navy in fun prints and prices so low that I can justify wearing them for only one season. This year did not disappoint. I now have in my possession:

This breezy, empire waist halter dress. The satiny fabric is dressy enough for dinner or a party, and the tribal print looks richer than the $34 price tag. The dress also comes in solid neutrals and jewel tones, which are all extremely versatile.

A knit tube top similar to this one. Yes, I said tube top. It used to be that meant some sort of gathered, elastic-y, mid-riff baring, ’70s nightmare. Now, these are my go-to summer tops for day or night. They’re chic, comfy, and tan line free! I usually pair them with jeans and either flip-flops or heels, depending on the occasion.

I wear so little gold that I’m not about to trot off to Tiffany for something 24 carat. These bangles will do just fine to punch up a white t-shirt or simple dress.


The last thing I expected buy—in general, and at Old Navy—is a swimsuit. But the patterns! The colors! The fit! These suits are like candy, and paisley candy at that. I limited myself to a one-piece halter—which (note to husband) I actually needed.