Good Things

I don’t know about you, but I have a closetful of “formals” that I will never wear again. There are the bridemaid dresses that I are too long to serve any other purpose, the little black sorority-dance dresses that are, um, too little, and the miscellany that I bought for “just in case” and never did get invited to that cocktail party. All of the above would be perfect for consighment if they did not require dry cleaning, which would cost me just as much as I would make on their sale. So they’ve sat, until now.

I have discovered the PERFECT solution. One of my favorite local charity events, Operation Glass Slipper, an organization that collection prom attire and accessosries for high school girls in the metro who need them, has teamed up with Anderson Cleaners. From now until March 15, you can drop off your gently used formal dresses at any Anderson location, and they will dry clean and pass them on to Glass Slipper for FREE. How easy is that? I love a one-stop-shop.

Speaking of good things, how about these Carlos Falchi bags.
I know, you can’t resist the exotic skin either. It’s a guilty
pleasure. Mr. Falchi will be making a personal appearance and bringing
along his designs on March 6 and 7 at Pumpz in the Galleria. This is your opportunity to live a little more like the girls on Sex and the City (favorite show) and Lipstick Jungle (possibly the worst show of the year but serious eye candy nonetheless). Please RSVP at 612-333-1723 or

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