Gremlin Theatre

2400 University Ave. W., St. Paul


Kari Kelly and Molly Dimba
Triumphant, terrifying, touching (yes, we might touch ourselves) tales of boobs. Our boobs. Our big boobs. Created by Molly Dimba and Kari Kelly. Ages 16+ Adult language

Burning Man and the Reverend Nuge

Tommy Nugent
From Detroit: The magic and mayhem of one man’s journey from Pentacostal preacher to atheist street magician looking for enlightenment at the annual Burning Man festival in northern Nevada. CRITIC’S PICK—Cincy Citybeat. Created by Tommy Nugent. Ages 14+ Adult language

CB and Sheave Take the Bus

WorkHorse Theatre
Two friends just missed their bus. Probably late for work now. Stuck. Waiting. CB and Sheave, two stagehands, begin the comic bus stop adventure that seems to be their lives. All the stage is a world? Created by Phillip Marten, Dreamland Arts. Ages 12+

Concord, Virginia: A Southern Town in Stories

Peter Neofotis
From New York: Neofotis performs his prize-winning stories, published by St. Martin’s Press. With tales of interracial lovers, moonshining old ladies and gay trials—it’s kinda like Garrison Keillor, except Southern. Created by Peter Neofotis. Ages 15+ Violence, Adult language

Jurassic Dork

Jonas Goslow
One man. One movie. One show. One one-man parody of a movie show. Hold on to your butts. A one-man version of the epic film Jurassic Park created and performed by John Skelley. Ages 10+ Loud noise/gunshots

Paisley Poppies

Caity Shea Violette
Comedy/Satire Teens
Voyage into suburban humor as a cast of eccentric characters light up the stage of Emma’s Life. Rediscover the pop-culture references and inside-jokes of blissfully distracted teenagers in “Paisley Poppies.” Written by Caity Shea Violette. Ages 12+ Adult language

The Pizpor Show

The Pizpor Show
Yes, there are other uses for animal balloons, bananas and squeaky rubber dog toys! Lowbrow theater for the rest of us. It isn’t really that bad… It’s just Pizpor. Come see what everyone is complaining about. Created by Brian Alexander. Ages 12+

Sex, Lies and Social Security

Acting Unlimited, Inc.
From Lafayette, La.: Pre-World War II stud muffin connects online with Baby Boomer sweetie. Love ain’t over ’til it’s over, and it ain’t over yet. Created by Patricia Drury. Ages 18+


Walking Shadow Theatre Company
An elite military intelligence training program. Two officers. One penguin. Who will make it through? Written by John Heimbuch. Ages 13+ Adult language

Stalled: An Elevator Story

Free Bird Productions
Comedy/Drama Teens
From Moorhead, Minn.: Elevator, n: a metal cage, transports between two somewheres… But what if it stalls? Find out in this comedy as seven unlucky strangers await rescue. Sometimes nowhere is exactly where you’re supposed to be. Created by Rachel Brady and Logan Daum. Ages 12+

The Underachiever’s Manifesto

Uknighted Artists
An adaptation of the funny but true wisdom that demonstrates how striving for mediocrity is the key to happiness. Embrace underachievement with strategies and tips for accomplishing little and feeling great. Created by Adam King and Paul von Stoetzel. Ages 16+ Adult language

Thursday, July 30

5:30 Sex, Lies and Social…
7:00 Boobs
8:30 Burning Man and…
10:00 Jurassic Dork

Friday, July 31

5:30 Paisley Poppies
7:00 Underachiever’s Manifesto
8:30 Jurassic Dork
10:00 The Pizpor Show

Saturday, August 1

1:00 Stalled
2:30 Concord, Virginia
4:00 Underachiever’s Manifesto
5:30 Boobs
7:00 The Pizpor Show
8:30 Squawk
10:00 CB and Sheave Take…

Sunday, August 2

1:00 Jurassic Dork
2:30 Paisley Poppies
4:00 The Pizpor Show
5:30 Stalled
7:00 Concord, Virginia
8:30 Underachiever’s Manifesto
10:00 Squawk

Monday, August 3

5:30 CB and Sheave Take…
7:00 Sex, Lies and Social…
8:30 Burning Man and…
10:00 Boobs

Tuesday, August 4

5:30 Concord, Virginia
7:00 Squawk
8:30 CB and Sheave Take…
10:00 Paisley Poppies

Wednesday, August 5

5:30 Underachiever’s Manifesto
7:00 Burning Man and…
8:30 Paisley Poppies
10:00 Sex, Lies and Social…

Thursday, August 6

5:30 CB and Sheave Take…
7:00 Stalled
8:30 Squawk
10:00 Concord, Virginia



Friday, August 7

4:00 Stalled
5:30 Boobs
7:00 Sex, Lies and Social…
8:30 Concord, Virginia
10:00 Jurassic Dork

Saturday, August 8

1:00 Squawk
2:30 Jurassic Dork
4:00 Burning Man and…
5:30 Stalled
7:00 Boobs
8:30 The Pizpor Show
10:00 Paisley Poppies

Sunday, August 9

1:00 The Pizpor Show
2:30 Sex, Lies and Social…
4:00 Underachiever’s Manifesto
5:30 Burning Man and…
7:00 CB and Sheave Take…
8:30 Fringe Encore