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from front to back: Clayton D. Halunen, Joni M.
Thome, Christopher D. Jozwiak, Charles V. Firth,
Frances E. Baillon, and Matthew S. Nolan
(Photo by Steve Wewerka)

At A Glance

– Dedicated, experienced attorneys focus on employment law and consumer protection class action litigation
– Years of trial and appellate law experience in both state and federal courts
– Fight for the rights of consumers in class action lawsuits against some of our country’s largest corporations


is simple: represent each client with purpose, focus and determination.  Clayton Halunen was introduced to employment litigation when he represented his mother in a gender discrimination case.  From that point forward, Clayton realized the significance of providing a voice for all employees.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Clayton founded Halunen & Associates in 1998 in Minneapolis.  A few years later, serendipity struck when Clayton litigated an employment case against a smart, experienced and tenacious attorney — Joni Thome.  Both recognized and respected each others talent, zeal and advocacy.  Soon after, they joined forces.  Clayton and Joni are each skilled and accomplished litigators and both are rated as top lawyers in employment litigation.  Clayton obtained one of the largest jury awards in an age and workers’ compensation retaliation case in Minnesota’s history.  Joni is well known for her appellate advocacy and work as one of the lead attorneys in a class action same sex sexual harassment lawsuit resulting in the largest known settlement in such a case to date.  Combining their skill and reputation with the talents of attorneys Charlie Firth, Christopher Jozwiak and Frances Baillon has transformed the firm into a commanding and formidable force in employment litigation.

In just the last year, the firm won two noteworthy trials:  one, a jury trial representing a warehouse worker who blew the whistle on his employer; the other, a discrimination and retaliation case brought on behalf of a high school teacher.  Both resulted in significant verdicts.  Additionally, the firm has received favorable decisions in both federal and state court addressing issues of workplace discrimination and retaliation involving military status, disability, age, sexual harassment and sexual orientation.  The firm also continues to negotiate significant severance packages and settlements for its clients.  

While the firm’s roots and foundation remain in individual employment cases, its practice has also grown to include wage and hour and overtime collective actions, along with consumer class actions.

The philosophy the firm started out with is what continues to bring it success and results for its clients today.  From educators to executives, Halunen & Associates aggressively represents its clients to ensure all employees are treated with decency, equality, and fairness. 

Halunen & Associates

220 South Sixth Street, Suite 2000, Minneapolis